Nadia has facilitated design thinking strategy Hong Kong Email List workshops for foundations, nonprofit organizations, and businesses around the world and integrates design thinking, systems thinking, and strategic planning to help organizations better scope the challenges they want to address. Last but certainly not least, returning to the podcast, is Julia Reed, Director of Relationship Management with Schwab Charitable. Julia leads the Schwab Charitable Relationship Hong Kong Email List Management team, serving advisors, family offices, and donors nationwide with charitable planning, consultation, and resources designed to help wealth management professionals and their clients maximize impact. Julia is a subject matter expert on all aspects of effective Hong Kong Email List philanthropy, including complex assets, legacy planning, and social impact strategy.

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Julia, Nadia, Phil, thank you for joining me today as Hong Kong Email List we discuss these approaches and what they mean for donors and nonprofits. Let’s get started. Julia, people familiar with the podcast are already noticing a change from our usual format, that there are four of us instead of three. So let’s break from the norm a little bit more, and let me ask you to bookend our conversation and help me to provide some context for this topic. Phil and Nadia are going to address two approaches to effective giving, a trust-based approach, and a strategic approach. Why do you Hong Kong Email List think that this is an important and timely topic for donors? JULIA REED: Well, there are as many approaches to philanthropy as there are philanthropists. Recently, MacKenzie Hong Kong Email List Scott has garnered a lot of press around her recent gift to nonprofits, and there’s been a lot of discussion around her trust-based approach.

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There is also a strategic approach that donors can use Hong Kong Email List in their giving strategy. MICHAEL: And it’s easy to misconstrue these as opposing approaches, but Julia, you and I were discussing before we started recording that these aren’t mutually exclusive, correct? JULIA: Correct. No, they’re really not. They may be combined to achieve particular goals for both donors and the nonprofits that they support. MICHAEL: That’s great. So we’ll begin to understand a little bit more of this by handing things over to Phil. Phil, let’s help people to better understand Hong Kong Email List what we mean by trust-based philanthropy… How would you define the approach? PHIL LI: I think the way that I look at it and those of us who are practitioners of trust-based Hong Kong Email List philanthropy look at it, it’s really re-imagining the funder-grantee relationship by addressing the inherent power imbalance between foundations and grantees.

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