With Tsuru, you can use a variety of data stores, including SQL or NoSQL databases, or in-memory alternatives such as Memcached or Hong Kong Phone Number List Redis. You just choose one of your preferences and plug it into your application. To manage the application, you can choose to use the Hong Kong Phone Number List command line or web interface, and then deploy it through Git. Tsuru infrastructure will handle all the details.

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Stackato is a multilingual PaaS offering based on Cloud Foundry and Docker that runs on top of your cloud infrastructure and serves as a launch pad for your applications. Stackato users say it provides an agile Hong Kong Phone Number List and powerful application platform that helps increase the productivity of cloud administrators and developers. 

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Ideal for enterprise cloud deployments, it combines the flexibility of direct access to VMs in the cloud infrastructure with the automated Hong Kong Phone Number List provisioning provided by a full-featured PaaS. Supported cloud infrastructures include HP Cloud Services, Citrix XenServer, AWS, OpenStack, VMware, and more.

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