Proof of this is that companies that use Content Marketing have, on average, 2.2 times more visits on their websites. And if you produce more than 13 content per month  that number goes up to Uruguay Email List times! Generates brand awareness Content production helps more people to recognize your brand and get to know the products and/or services your company offers. As I explained, people Uruguay Email List  are more likely to buy brands that are familiar to them and that they like . A regular reader of your blog , for example, will prefer your brand when they need to buy a product or service. After all, he already knows you and you’ve helped him several times with your content. Increases brand engagement While brand awareness increases the number of people who know and have a positive perception of your brand, engagement seeks Uruguay Email List  to build a close and constant relationship with a more selective audience . By producing quality content, you increase people’s interactions with your brand, creating that engagement.

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The result of this is evangelizers who recommend it and  Uruguay Email List even defend it. educate the market Often, your target audience does not fully understand the market you are in, what the products offered by your company are for, etc. In that case, don’t give up! Produce content Uruguay Email List  that answers customers’ questions and teaches them everything they need to know to make the purchase decision for themselves. If your content is really quality content, you will break objections and increase customer satisfaction, as they will come to purchase with full awareness of your product and how to use it. generates sales I bet you’re thinking: but Peçanha, doesn’t every company want Uruguay Email List  to generate sales? Of course yes! However, this is not always the ultimate goal of the Content Marketing process. Increasing the number of sales, in this case, means focusing your content production Uruguay Email List  to guide leads through the entire buying process and prepare them for decision making.

Should I Build an Email List

But these are just a few examples of goals Uruguay Email List . The important thing is that you identify yours to direct your planning correctly. Boosts lead generation Okay, you already have visitors to your site. But without information about them, you won’t be able to submit Uruguay Email List  the right content to turn them into opportunities and get them in touch with a seller. That’s why generating leads is the main objective of Uruguay Email List  of Brazilian companies! And some of them are already getting 3.2 times more leads doing Content Marketing. And the best part: with a solid strategy that will continue to bring results in the long term , generating traffic and leads even if you don’t produce content  Uruguay Email List regularly. lead generation kit Increases lifetime-value Lifetime-value (LTV) is the total amount a customer spends on your company as a whole. For example, if your customers buy a $50.00 product on average Uruguay Email List  twice, your LTV is $100. Every business owner knows.

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