Crawling Imagine several little robots behind all the Algeria Mobile Number List  code and content that exists on the internet. That’s what happens in the tracking process , which is done at all times, regardless of user searches. In this step, Googlebot searches for new URLs to be indexed  Algeria Mobile Number List in its huge database. Discovered pages that contain links indicate new paths for robots to continue crawling by finding other URLs . Therefore, the first measure of an SEO strategy should be this: be found by Google robots . For that, you need to have codes and contents that Algeria Mobile Number List  Googlebot can read and index. The robot cannot read flash content, for example, which prevents them from being tracked. So, developing websites with HTML codes — Algeria Mobile Number List  preferably simple and clean, organized in sitemaps — ensures that your content is accessible to crawlers. Indexing The index is the second step, which also happens all the time. After crawling, the URLs can now go into the search engine’s database, which is called the Search Index.

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It is a large library of pages and files that hold a multitude of web content. How, then Algeria Mobile Number List  to organize all this content so that it can be easily found and accessed by users? During crawling, robots process data from pages in the same way as browsers do. Google’s servers then detect this data Algeria Mobile Number List  — such as content age, load time, and texts — and record it in the search index. Each page is registered in the index for every word it contains. However, the search engine’s intelligence allows it to understand Algeria Mobile Number List  which are the most important keywords , according to their general context, frequency and places (titles, headings, body text, etc.) in which they appear. So these terms act as inputs to the page. So when a user does a search, the search term represents the input for all pages that contain that searched keyword. Which ones will be displayed and in what order Algeria Mobile Number List , are the search algorithms that will define the ranking. 3. Ranking Ranking is the next step. This is where Google’s algorithm comes into play! In fact, the search engine uses not just one, but a series of algorithms to rank websites. The intent is to deliver the best responses to the user, in an order that places the most relevant links at the top.

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So, understand that the closer to the top a page is, the more relevant Algeria Mobile Number List  it will be to that search . To do this, every time a user performs a search, these algorithms scour the index and analyze various ranking factors — it’s estimated that there are more than Algeria Mobile Number List , but Google doesn’t reveal exactly what they are. All of this happens in just a fraction of a second, so the user gets the answers as quickly as possible. First, Google’s algorithm is about understanding users’ queries, considering that words have different meanings and that people use Algeria Mobile Number List  natural language when searching. A recent algorithm update, called BERT, has made this understanding even more sophisticated (we’ll talk about it later). The algorithm then matches the search term to the content of the pages. That’s when it searches the index for pages indexed for that keyword. Algeria Mobile Number List  When such a match occurs, it means the page is relevant to that query. So, it’s time to sort these pages in an order that’s relevant to the user.

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