But this sporting challenge had a good cause: Gambia Email List to attract public attention to donate to Global’s Make Some Noise , an organization that supports small charities around the world . As this journey was long and each stage was filled with challenges and issues Gambia Email List  to be addressed, the audience could follow Jamie from a social media wall . Actions with donors, interviews along the way and posts from the cyclist himself were displayed in a single panel. FIBA Basketball FIBA Basketball social wall While not as popular in the United States when it comes to professional basketball, the FIBA World Cup is a huge event. After all, it unites the interest of several countries participating in the Gambia Email List  qualifying stages and, of course, in the main competition . The bet was to create a social wall to allow the public from different places to follow the main news about the dispute.

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The screen brings together behind-the-scenes Gambia Email List  matches, player posts and announcements about results and rankings. For more than a year, anyone who wanted to follow the news about the FIBA ​​World Cup could see the social wall. How to use a social media wall in your strategy Gambia Email List  Like any digital marketing strategy , the social media wall requires a lot of planning to generate the expected results. Therefore, it is important to follow some actions when thinking about implementing it. To help with this, we’ll talk about the most important factors to consider. Check out! Understand what your audience is looking for Your first mission is to understand what your audience is Gambia Email List  looking for. In other words, how to create content that sparks people’s interest? As much as the social wall is an effective strategy, engagement will only come if the content displayed is relevant.

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Set a goal for the social wall Next, Gambia Email List  you must set a goal for your strategy. What do you want the user to see when opening your social wall? What actions are expected after the content is viewed? Thinking about which page should display the publications should be another of your priorities. Choose the platforms to be displayed There are many social media platforms, but that doesn’t mean you should use them all Gambia Email List . By answering the above questions, you can define which platforms are best suited to appear on your social wall. A strategy to promote a restaurant, for example, should consider that images have a strong influence on people. So Instagram is an excellent option. When the hashtag involves a more in-depth subject, Gambia Email List  like sports or politics, Twitter can be a good choice. moderate the social wall Many marketers are afraid to use the social wall because of the lack of control over which posts are displayed.

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