you can start typing if you want Macedonia Phone Number List to add a paragraph. Click the plus + button instead if you want to use a different block. wordpress block editor add block The Gutenberg block editor inherits your theme’s font styles by default so that your post looks as it’ll appear on the frontend while you create it. This is why the text Macedonia Phone Number List in our screenshots likely look a little different from yours. When you place your cursor within a Paragraph block, a floating toolbar appears. It allows you to transform the paragraph’s text in many ways, such as by adding bold or italicized styles or even including Macedonia Phone Number List a link. It’s not too different from Microsoft Word or Google Docs. wordpress block editor paragraph toolbar Let’s talk about block settings, starting with the Paragraph block. If you look at the sidebar on the right side of the editor, you’ll notice there are two tabs: one for the entire post’s settings (Post) and

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one for the individual block’s settings (Block). Click Macedonia Phone Number List over to the Block tab if you aren’t there already. The Paragraph block has typography settings you can use to customize the font size this particular paragraph uses as well as the height each line within the paragraph should be. Your theme already uses Macedonia Phone Number List a global font size and line height, so we recommend leaving these settings alone unless you want this particular paragraph to have different settings. Customize your theme’s default typography settings instead by going to Appearance → Customizer. wordpress block Macedonia Phone Number List editor paragraph block settings The Color panel is closed by default. Click on it to open it, but keep in mind that text color is another global setting you can configure in the Customizer. Even so, this panel allows you to customize colors for a specific paragraph and Macedonia Phone Number List even add a background to it. The latter

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