You may already know that email gives you one of the biggest bang for your buck. Lead nurturing emails generate approximately 5% more clicks than general emails and generate 20% more sales opportunities. To top it off, nurtured leads will spend 47% more than unnurtured leads. But have you ever wondered what salespeople do to get those results? Here’s a look at five things our top performing customers at Mailshake are doing to improve their cold email delivery, why you should do them too, and how to implement them. 1. They follow cold email 58 reiby st newtown deliverability best practices Your first priority should be getting your emails delivered. Prospects can’t open what they don’t receive, so it’s essential that you put effort into boosting your deliverability rate.

Avoid reports of abuse

Mail users can mark messages as spam, which results in an abuse report against the sender. That’s why it’s important to only email people who might be interested in your message. Clean up your list and carefully target your prospects to reduce your chances of being marked as spam. Choose your words carefully Dirty text, bold words, all caps and dollar signs will almost guarantee you a trip to the spam folder. If your message looks like spam, your recipient (and their email provider) will think so. Limit links and images Viruses hide in images and links, so emails that contain a lot of them will send red flags. Stick with two links and an image per email, in the lead.

Make deactivation easier It’s better for your users to opt out of emails rather than mark them as spam. Make it easy for them to choose this option over another that could damage your reputation.

They personalize each message

58 reiby st newtown
58 reiby st newtown

Targeted posts drive significantly more opens, engagement, and conversions. After all, no one wants to feel like another fish in your net. People want to feel special, and for that you need to do your homework and know at least the basics of your recipients. To get started, add custom rows to your CSV. Personalizing an email goes beyond using a first name (or worse, an overly stereotypical first and last name). You can use custom fields to segment your list and personalize your emails the way you want. Also be proactive in collecting data that can help personalize your posts beyond a name. Things like their birthday, favorite color, social profiles, decision-making status, or shopping habits can be helpful, but don’t stop there. This infographic from VentureBeat should give you some insight into what other marketers and salespeople want to know about their leads:

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