one step before: addition of python Japan Email List  legend While the following code finishes adding subtitles to all of them: addition of phyton legend Image optimization This script to optimize images was created by Victor Domingos and is available on GitHub. The purpose is to decrease file sizes in order to boost performance. The name of the application is “optimize-images”. To install it, you need to add the following line: Image optimization  Japan Email List To optimize a single file, the user needs to add the following command: Image optimization To optimize all images in a single folder, the user must: Image optimization SEO Analysis There is another Japan Email List  script , which can be found on GitHub by user Seth Black, with the main objective of doing a complete SEO analysis of a website. It counts the words of the pages, identifies errors such as missing meta descriptions, titles and alt tag.

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Here’s an image that demonstrates some of the logic of the project’s Japan Email List  “main” class: SEO Analysis Here, too, the main class imports: SEO Analysis In turn, we have the methods and loops of the class responsible for analyzing the site: SEO Analysis SEO Analysis To install, follow the command: SEO Analysis To use it, the user must type: SEO Analysis The video below demonstrates the code for Japan Email List  parsing a URL in keyword search, which is good practice for On Page SEO . It checks whether titles and H1s contain the keyword, as well as analyzing the length of the URL. Search for 404 errors This script looks for pages that have a 404 error , that is, broken links. It is very useful for Japan Email List  optimizing the user experience and preventing them from bumping into dead ends. The algorithm uses the Beautifulsoup library.

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This part of the code is to collect the links in the website’s Japan Email List  HTML: search for 404 errors search for 404 errors This part is for sending a request to these links and verifying the response code. That is, it will identify when there is a 404 error. search for 404 errors Japan Email List As we have seen, there is great potential for using Python for SEO. Language is one of the most prominent technologies of the moment, precisely because of its speed, versatility, clarity and ease of learning. Furthermore, it can be used for Machine Learning and Deep Learning applications, as well as automating SEO analysis, checking for broken links, among others. Thus, it is an important technology for use in Marketing, especially in the digital world . Companies are able to identify and mitigate common mistakes and ensure better results. Japan Email List  Did you like to learn more about the subject? So, better understand how an SEO audit works !

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