I believe that the organization of the routine and the separation of time Georgia Email List  is a very important factor , combining a nap to do that most important task or even at night after the child’s activities are over is, without a doubt, something very valuable and beneficial  Georgia Email List. But the main thing is to align with the team how the routine is going at home and even have conversations with the child so that he understands that some hours you will be busy and that it is time to take a break from the fun. A great gift is that moment when you are focused on the task and at the same time manage to give that lap so that your child can follow along and know that Mom’s work is not your enemy , Georgia Email List  but something that he can somehow participate. There have already been a few moments when my son asked to sit on his lap to “see mom’s friends from work”, and ends up interacting in a few moments saying an excited “goodbye”.

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Another big difference is being able to work in a team where people give us support and the Georgia Email List  necessary tools to balance work and motherhood, this has been very important to me these days. The tips, exchanges of feedbacks, as well as everyday dialogue, allow us to share Georgia Email List  challenges and receive help when needed. Débora Gois Torres Stephanie Mansueto, Senior Director of Creative Services — United States Working remotely with four children of different ages is not an easy task. My oldest daughter is 16 and pretty self-sufficient, but my youngest, who is only 4, needs a lot of attention throughout the day. It took us a while to find our rhythm and establish a routine that works for everyone  Georgia Email List . And what has helped me and what has allowed us to remain steadfast and happy during this challenging time is reminding me that this situation is temporary and that even though it may seem impossible, I need to take a break and feel grateful for everything we have. We’re all together, as a family , sharing moments of joy (and even some of stress) and that’s what matters.

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This Mother’s Day will be different from any other I’ve celebrated, but it will be no less love and joy. We’re just not going to be dining at a restaurant this year, we’re eating at home Georgia Email List  which is fine with me, because I won’t cook. Stephanie Mansueto The lives of mothers currently working remotely is not a fairy tale, but they deserve an ending where everyone was happily ever after.  Georgia Email List So, here is Rock Content’s tribute to these women who give themselves every day for their family and, even with the challenge of working remotely, manage to be wonderful mothers! And, if you enjoyed knowing all these stories, enjoy too and share yours in the comments. We will be very happy to meet you!

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