Note, in the example below, that the answers are already on the SERP Afghanistan Phone Number List — the person doesn’t even need to see the list of organic or paid links to get the information they want. Knowledge Graph for Marie Curie The searcher realized that its role is Afghanistan Phone Number List  to understand what the user is looking for and respond to what he expects. And often what he expects is a quick and prompt response, not a list of sites. So, with this update, Google began to improve the algorithm to deliver more useful answers in the ideal format for the type of information sought . This is the case for route and transit searches, for example. When someone searches for Afghanistan Phone Number List  “how to get to the bus station”, it is likely that the person wants to see the best access routes to the bus station in the city they are in. Therefore, Google already delivers a Google Maps map on SERP, above the organic results.

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Delivering a list of links, which she would Afghanistan Phone Number List still have to look up and read the directions on, could be frustrating. Knowledge Graph with google maps map Another example is the search for movie times. So that the user does not need to visit every movie theater in the city, Google licenses the information on these sites and offers all the times already on SERP. When possible, Afghanistan Phone Number List  there is also a link to buy tickets. Knowledge Graph with movie schedules In addition to these examples, there is a plethora of queries that trigger Google’s quick responses. And more and more, the search engine improves the algorithm to understand users’ queries and deliver useful Afghanistan Phone Number List  answers to them. What were the main Google algorithm updates? Along its trajectory, Google has improved its algorithm, always keeping an eye on its purpose: to improve the user experience.

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In 2018 alone, Moz posted an incredible Afghanistan Phone Number List updates. That’s why robots change so much — and the SEO market needs to be on the lookout. The algorithm becomes increasingly complex and demanding. If before it was easy to go over the guidelines of the search engine, today it already has a technology intelligent enough  Afghanistan Phone Number List to eliminate pages that adopt malicious practices. In addition to fighting black hat, the evolution of the algorithm also seeks to improve understanding of Afghanistan Phone Number List  users’ search intentions. And that’s the path the latest updates are taking. Do you want to know how this evolution in Google’s algorithm takes place? So, follow the main updates of the last years! Google Algorithm Updates Panda (2011) This was the first update Afghanistan Phone Number List , officially released in 2011 , that impacted the SEO market. With this update, 12% of search results were affected and thousands of sites were lowered in the rankings.

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