on the number of machine translation Mayotte Email Lists characters that you translate per day. This can help you control your budget. Note: TranslatePress does not charge anything based on your machine translation usage. However, you might need to pay the translation service directly based on your usage. Both Google Translate and DeepL let Mayotte Email Lists you translate up to 500,000 characters per month for free (~100,000 words or so). If you exceed that limit in a month, you’ll need to pay your chosen service: Google Translate – $20 per additional one million characters; DeepL – a $5.49 per month flat fee plus Mayotte Email Lists $25 per additional one million characters. Once you’ve made those choices, save your settings. TranslatePress will now start automatically translating your content using your preferred service. 3. Add/edit your store’s translations using the visual editor Now, you’re ready Mayotte Email Lists to use

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TranslatePress’s visual translation editor to control your site’s translations: If you set up automatic translation in the previous step, this is how you can edit the translations from the Mayotte Email Lists ; If you decided to use exclusively manual translation, this is where you’ll add your translations from scratch. To begin, open the piece of content that you want to translate on the front-end of your site. Then, click the new Translate Page option on the WordPress toolbar to launch the editor. For example, here’s Mayotte Email Lists what it looks like to launch the editor for a single product: Launch editor for single page Now, you’ll be in the visual editor for that product, which looks a lot like the regular WordPress theme customizer. You’ll see a live preview Mayotte Email Lists of your

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