Key features you should look for in an indoor home security camera include: Cloud Storage: Video footage from the camera must be stored somewhere in case you need to view it or end up using it as evidence for some crime. Cloud storage is the best option for this, as video files take up a lot of space, and local Pakistan Phone Number List drives or memory cards can fill up quickly. Most good security cameras come with large cloud storage for free.

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Mobile and web access: When you’re out and about, you’ll want to see what’s going on in your home by watching video from your camera on your Pakistan Phone Number List mobile device, the web, or both. Power: Some cameras use batteries; others use power cords. Each option has its pros and cons: the battery needs to be replaced or charged, and the power cord needs to be in close proximity to an electrical outlet.

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Connectivity: Wi-Fi is great when your home internet connection is on. However, if a storm hits and the power goes off, the camera will need another option to connect to the internet. Cellular connectivity is a rare feature, but it’s a Pakistan Phone Number List must-have if you’re looking for a fail-safe system. Night Vision: This is a must-have feature for security cameras because even if you have the lights in your home on, a burglar can simply turn them off and blind you in case your camera can’t see in the dark.

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