lot of content, you might not want to Mauritius Email Lists translate everything from scratch. Instead, you can use automatic machine translation from either Google Translate or DeepL. When you use automatic translation, TranslatePress will send your store’s content to those services for translation. Then, TranslatePress will store the Mauritius Email Lists translations in your site’s local database. This means two things: You can easily edit any of the machine translation content just as if you’ve added the translations yourself; Your site doesn’t need to query the machine translation service for each visit, which improves Mauritius Email Lists performance and loading time. Because you can fully edit all of the automatic translations, a good strategy to save time is to use a hybrid automatic/manual approach: You can use the automatic translation service to generate your site’s baseline translations; You Mauritius Email Lists can

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have a human proofread those automatic translations to fix any issues with accuracy or clarity. If you do want to use automatic translation, go to the Automatic Translation tab in the TranslatePress settings area: Set the Enable Automatic Translation drop-down equal to Yes; Choose your preferred automatic translation service. The free version of TranslatePress lets you use Google Translate for automatic translation, but you’ll need to purchase at least the Business license if you want to use DeepL. Automatic translation tab Once you’ve chosen your translation service, you’ll need to go to that service and generate an API key. This API key Mauritius Email Lists is what lets TranslatePress connect to the service. The TranslatePress documentation has step-by-step instructions for both services: How to get Google Translate API key How to get DeepL API key Below that, you can also set Mauritius Email Lists a limit

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