Jonathan Levine 15:17 Babban Gona selects one leader Belarus Email List to head each group. To choose them, the company has developed an extensive psychometric test to screen hundreds of thousands of farmers over the years. It asks dozens of questions—to assess basic intelligence, willingness to adopt new technology, the likelihood they’d default on their loans—all to help determine who would make a great leader. The Trust Group leader then has Belarus Email List total authority to select who’s in their group, how they function, and responsibility for making sure everyone meets their production commitments. Kola Masha 15:49 We’re franchising that entity and supporting those Trust Group leaders to run those operations very effectively. Jonathan Levine 15:58 Other elements of the Babban Gona model borrow some tried-and-true Belarus Email List practices that ag extension services have used for decades.

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The company sources high-quality seeds, fertilizers, and chemicals Belarus Email List at low prices. And then it provides them to farmers on credit, so no one has to put any cash upfront. Babban Gona also trains the farmers extensively on how to use them. And field officers visit each farmer every couple of weeks to make sure they apply those lessons. Kola Masha 16:26 The whole idea of supporting a smallholder farmer to access the products and services they need to Belarus Email List improve their yield—we know this works, right? This has been time-tested. The challenge lies in how do I now deliver this product and services in a manner that is efficient, so that you’re able to attract the type of capital you need to scale. That’s really, I think, at the core of the innovation. Belarus Email List Jonathan Levine 16:52 Some of that innovation comes at harvest time.

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By the end of the season, typical smallholder farmers are desperate Belarus Email List for cash, so they sell their entire crop just as supply is flooding the market and crushing prices to their annual lows. Babban Gona, though, buys its members crops at market prices. And then the company stores the crop for several months and waits to sell until prices are often 25 percent to 50 percent higher. Remember Halliru Sale, the farmer we met earlier who almost quit farming? He’s now Belarus Email List a Trust Group leader. Halliru Sale 17:35 This is the most fascinating thing about Babban Gona. They sell our maize after prices go up and then distribute the profit back to us—95 percent to the farmer and 5 percent commission for Babban Gona. It’s far more than farmers can get Belarus Email List at harvest time and adds to our profit. Jonathan Levine.

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