To help you with this, I have developed a step-by-step plan. With points for attention that you can already get star with. Also read: Get added value from your first-party data with machine learning: 4 practical examples Step 1: Audit your current Norway Phone Number List campaigns To understand how big the impact will be, an audit of the current campaign setup is very important. It is important to look at the share of ‘behavioral targeting.

Data Strategy within your campaigns

These are campaigns in which you use data from third parties. Think of the targeting options in Google, DoubleClick, and Facebook. The higher this share of campaigns is, the more impact this development will have on your campaigns. If this is the case, it recommends that you review your strategy (so that you are no longer dependent. On third-party cookies in your campaigns and look at other targeting tactics.

Such as contextual data strategy

Norway Phone Number List
Norway Phone Number List

Contextual targeting is a method of targeting where you target the content of a web page instead of user data. Think of a sports shop that can show display ads on a well-known sports forum. Step 2. Get star with a first-party data strategy To be less dependent on third-party data. The highly recom to get star with a first-party data strategy. Take a good look at the current targeting campaigns (where you use data from third parties) and ask yourself how you can convert these and collect data yourself.

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