I personally love it because I love coffee, and I just love Cameroon Email List nerding out on it. But it also helps us ensure that we’re really getting the top-notch quality of coffee to our customers. And it’s not just me. I mean, I have the official Q grader license, sure. But the members of my team that we’ve trained—our farmer-roaster teams—they all have incredible expertise in cupping. Kathleen Schalch 16:13 Noushin says some of the local coffee farmers had other knowledge Cameroon Email List nd skills that astonished her. She remembers importing some very expensive new machines, including one for measuring the raw beans’ moisture level. Noushin Ketabi 16:25 So we had this little machine. We were trying to get it to work. And next thing I know one of our partners Cameroon Email List, a grower named Marlin, he’s like, this is how we always have done it.

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And he just bit into the bean. He predicted that there was about Cameroon Email List 12 to 13 percent humidity in the bean. And ‘yeah, I think this would be ready for roasting.’ And sure enough, when I got the machine ready to go, it was at 12 percent. Kathleen Schalch 16:53 They kept quizzing him, and he always got it right. Noushin Ketabi 16:57 That to me was a shining example of the fact that there’s so much expertise with these growers and that our supply chain has sort Cameroon Email List of been ignoring that in a lot of ways. Kathleen Schalch 17:09 Vega Coffee’s founders wanted to turn that talent into value and profit and return it to the community. Rob Terenzi 17:16 We structured our supply chain and our operations and everything with the goal of radically transforming Cameroon Email List the economic situations in coffee-growing communities around the world.

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And everything from that North Star trickles down and affects the other Cameroon Email List decisions that we make. Kathleen Schalch 17:39 Vega 2.0 began buying coffee from the same two dozen growers Rob had worked with years before. Now it sources from around 6,000 smallholder farms. Vega pays roughly double whatever the C price is—and more on top of that, depending on quality and certifications. In addition, farmers or family members earn salaries working in the Cameroon Email List roasting plant. Vega provides more benefits including money for education. Some employees have gone back to school and earned degrees in English, agronomy, or accounting. Together these benefits enable Vega growers and their families to bring home an average of four times as Cameroon Email List much as they would selling coffee through traditional supply chains.

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