Lola Masha 23:39 A deeper level of trust with the Bermuda Email List ​community. So if you think of it from the farmers’ perspective, right, they’ve had NGOs come and go. They would have someone come pitch a program to them—if it’s a borehole in the village, or if it’s a solar system, whatever—it’s often not sustainable. And they often don’t see the deep commitment from Bermuda Email List these partners. And here they see this guy, not from the area, but fully committed to what they do. Not telling them what to do, but having a learning mindset, working hand in hand with them, to brainstorm, to engage to think through how to make things better. And I think that was a very Bermuda Email List ey positive end result from that. Jonathan Levine 24:29 Fresh off the farm, Kola started recruiting the first members for in late 2012.

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Knowing trust would be an issue, he started in a county where Bermuda Email List he knew the head of the United Nations Millennium Village Project. It had been operating for several years, and the director offered to make local introductions. Even then, it was a tough slog. Kola Masha 24:50 One afternoon we stopped by this village called Nacala. There was a big mud pit, and the farmers were building bricks for their homes. And, you know, we went down Bermuda Email List into the pit, sat down, spent an hour chatting with the farmers there. I think we were lucky enough to get at least one out of, I think, the nearly 20 farmers to join up. Jonathan Levine 25:13 So you got one out of the entire mud pit. What did the rest of them say? Why didn’t they do it? Kola Masha 25:21 Well, Bermuda Email List you know, farmers are very smart people, and they probably were like, you know this, this sounds good.

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But their ability to deliver would probably be very low. So we had to Bermuda Email List really overcome that distrust. Sale 25:39 When I first heard what was offering, I didn’t believe my ears. Jonathan Levine 25:44 Sale from village was one of those very first farmers to hear Kola’s pitch. Sale 25:51 They told me that my farm could produce enough food to feed my family, Bermuda Email List even to send my children to school, and buy other worldly materials. But I never believed that would happen. To me at the time, farming was just something to do because you have nothing else to do. I was on the verge of leaving to find a job in the city, but I decided to take a gamble. Bermuda Email List Jonathan Levine 26:14 What happened next still astonishes him. The first year, he says he received seeds, fertilizers, and chemicals from Babban Gona.

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