These two departments are the ‘principal suppliers’ when it comes to internal digital services: a lot of information, agreements, explanations, and other reference work. And many things to arrange, request, submit or organize. The information Croatia Phone Number List from HR and facility services is now at least in two systems other than your intranet, but these systems are of course part of your digital work environment (in a broad sense).

Groups And internal digital communication

As I wrote earlier together with Tabitha Minten, and as also in our booklet ‘Digital employee experience: with your employee first towards a human digital working environment’ (affiliate), you need these four support services (communication, ICT, HR, and facility services). supplement with people from your primary process and from management.

Croatia Phone Number List
Croatia Phone Number List

In this way, you work as a kind of association of owners on internal digital communication and collaboration… and internal digital services. Photo of two people in conversation, with a tablet or laptop in front of them. What if organizations seize these opportunities? We live in a time when employees are unsure about going back to the office. Many (young) people have burnout symptoms and many people seriously doubt. The usefulness of their work.

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