Between cheaper freight, sites with great navigation  and graphic environment and interactions on social networks, there is still room to innovate more and more Cabo Verde Email List. Among the brands that have done this, Ray-Ban plays a great role. Imagine buying glasses online without being able to try them on? What could have been a problem that would generate sales objections was turned into a solution. Ray-Ban has launched its virtual model tester, a tool that allows the user, using the camera of their smartphone, tablet or computer, to project the 3D model of the glasses on their face, Cabo Verde Email List  in real time. Ray-Ban The idea is for the user to have a complete shopping experience and, in this case, as similar as possible to a trip to the brand’s stores. Cabo Verde Email List The customer can choose the model, try on the frames on their face and then decide on their purchase. The strategy is an excellent way to show proactivity (“Do” pillar).

In an attempt to offer the consumer the best possible condition when deciding on a product

Even if in a virtual environment. How important is the brand Cabo Verde Email List  experience for brands? Brands that apply the brand experience in a strategic and intelligent way can generate impacts at various levels in their performance in the market. Understand in a few simple points the importance of brand experience for these companies! Competitiveness Definitely, brands are betting on Cabo Verde Email List  experience to become more and more relevant. Consequently, those who want to occupy prominent positions in the market need to design strategies, from the simplest to the most elaborate, to maintain themselves as a reference . The brand experience provides competitiveness in any segment. Cabo Verde Email List Customer impact The customer is the main one impacted by the brand experience work, since all actions are designed to reach them, awaken feelings and activate sensations. The importance of this is indisputable, since, if the customer is satisfied and engaged, chances are high that he will be loyal , Cabo Verde Email List  have a positive perception of the brand and still speak highly of it.

Digital Analytics: understand what it is and how to apply this concept in your company

Did you know that it is also Cabo Verde Email List  possible to offer experiences through content? Understand more about this strategy and how valuable it can be! Data analysis is a growing need within the corporate market. After all, the digital transformation is demanding a new attitude from companies towards their consumers. More demanding and with more options to choose from, users want personalized experiences that meet their demands Cabo Verde Email List  . The best solution for this? Digital Analytics! As free translation indicates, it represents the analysis of digital data. The most important thing, however, is to be able to transform Cabo Verde Email List  this information-gathering process into strategies. This means knowing how to use the most relevant things that have been gathered in order to improve the user experience . Despite being a fundamental strategy and offering many benefits, not everyone knows how to execute it. How about, then Cabo Verde Email List , check out a complete content on the subject

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