4. Hook developers into projects sooner If you really do start working together. It is important for marketers to get developers in a new project early. Well before all kinds of plans are devised, so that you can have an open discussion Japan Phone Number List together about what is and isn’t possible. ‘Then it works much more efficiently and cooperation is beneficial,’ says Flip. I myself am also guilty of not going to develop until the plans have already been Devi.

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Will you build it?” Often I already suffer from tunnel vision. I have to rip out of a certain stream of thoughts by a developer. That does not benefit the cooperation and is simply a waste of everyone’s time. I promise better, dear developers! Collaborate with the programmer. 5. Find the connection This applies to both parties: seek the connection with each other.

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That really helps to better understand as a marketer why certain things seem so simple. But are extremely difficult in practice,’ says Annika Rettig, chief digital experience at Frank watching. The other way around is the same. As a developer, you can include a marketer more in the process. Dave likes to challenge developers: ‘Enthusiasm us more!

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