As the years go by I realize that when one photographs even unknown places flowers or objects one is actually photographing one’s life MT Is there anything your students have taught you You learn from all the people. The students’ reactions guide you in a way but you cannot call them your teachers. Students should respect your opinion even if they don’t agree with it. I have a very close relationship with them because we also talk about essential things. With the pandemic I also had a surprise that excited me people from different countries of the world and cities in the Greek region are now connected to my online courses who I long to meet in person at some point. MT You especially love music.

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Photography I listened to music from a very young age both classical because of my parents and dance music because I was a dancer and I Image Masking Service really liked parties. At some point my family was ruined and they had to sell everything the records the turntables so music left the house when I was . Then I realized its absence and with savings I bought a small bobbin player. But I don’t listen to music while I’m taking pictures. When you’re shooting you have to clear your mind and just react. You think before you think after when you see your photos but when you’re taking photos it’s like making love you don’t have to think about poses movement and how effective you’ll be you have to enjoy what you’re doing and be involved. The reason I keep coming back to music is because it is the only abstract art par excellence.

Image Masking Service

If a piece of music

Moves you you don’t have to explain why. Just as poetry uses words and  rivers without however having the function of explanation. MT MT In the past you used to shoot exclusively in black and white. It was later that you transitioned to color. Q Color USA Phone List while we were in the analog era just didn’t concern me. The big change came with the digital camera. Now whether we like it or not our photo comes out in color. So there is no need to rush. A photograph cannot be good in black and white and bad in color because color and its processing is an external element it is not structural as it is in painting. So I see my photos in color and keep the ones I like. If I want to use the same photo in black and white why not It works differently but it works. If the photo was bad it wouldn’t work. MT Unlike most of your students you avoid photographing people.

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