Responding to the holidays: think campaign-wise It is obvious. As marketers, we need to think about the holidays. How, what & where? Quickly follow the online course Setting up smart online campaigns and find out in 1 hour how you can Guatemala Phone Number List find, involve, and convince your audience. read more Read 1 comment! Others also read We wish you warm holidays & thank you! End-of-year sprint with your budget & goals: get the most out of the holidays Last minute Black Friday tips.

Running automatically Parcel Delivery

The right time, social ads & more? Everyone has creative abilities, but they only flourish if you give them enough attention. How do you do that then? You train these talents by putting in effort and gaining experience. So you have to keep busy. Creativity is not a trick that you occasionally pull out of the closet. Nor is it a machine that keeps running automatically.

Guatemala Phone Number List
Guatemala Phone Number List

It’s a way of life Parcel Delivery

Vincent Merck wants to teach you to think more creatively with his book ‘Play skills’ (affiliate). He states that anyone can do that, as long as you train your playing skills. Playing skills? Scientists argue that humans, like all species in the animal kingdom, are designed to play for the rest of their lives. Animals do a lot better than us in that regard. Man puts his playful behavior aside as soon as adult life begins. The American physician and psychologist Stuart Brown calls play an essential factor in human development.

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