Furthermore, once earned, they confer Croatian Email List tremendous visibility and authority to your brand. Regarding the content structure, an article eligible for a featured snippet must: answer the main question or clarify the keyword early on; gradually deepen Croatian Email List  through contextualizations and possible doubts; bring comments, discussions or examples. a SEMrush study identified the following patterns in this type of result: paragraphs are 44 to 108 words, with a maximum of 691 characters; the displayed lists contain 5 to 8 items — when there are more, the “More items” link is displayed; tables have 3 to 4 lines and 3 to 7 columns, approximately; images are typically Croatian Email List  pixels high and 231 to 800 pixels wide. Improve user experience (menus, searches and filters) In general

People go to health websites to find tips on nutrition

Quality of life and prevention, but mainly Croatian Email List  to find out about symptoms and possible conditions or illnesses. This means that, in addition to presenting well-crafted content with its appropriate complementary materials, it is recommended that your pages be equipped with features that facilitate navigation, such as: general and topic menus; search fields; indexes, in case the site is a large aggregator of information; areas that bring together highly sought after themes, such as symptoms, well-being and  Croatian Email List emergencies; In the example below, you see a page with a rich navigation structure. Page navigation structure Please note, however, that these features are not essential and each comes with a “cost” in page load time. Therefore, you should only enter those that are really useful to users and will be used . Don’t forget that mobile is the main way to access the internet and, therefore, page speed must be a priority. Croatian Email List . Configure your pages’ structured data When the information, or codes, present in the HTML of a page are well discriminated Croatian Email List they use tags that indicate functions like “name” (name), “telephone” (phone) — we say that the data is structured.

The Yoast SEO

The biggest advantage of applying Croatian Email List  these settings is that the structured data elevates your site to what’s called Enhanced Search . The rich snippets , additional information in search results are based on this structure. rich snippets To avoid errors, it is ideal to use plugins to generate these tags.  , for example, provides the main structure of your site data. But for the process to be really effective, it is necessary to present all the information requested in the initial setup. Croatian Email List To make finer adjustments, you can use the Schema App Structured Data plugin . Other data can be entered according to your site’s theme, category and features, such as ratings, comments, slogans, contact information, price, and more. This and all the recommendations covered in the Croatian Email List article are very important, but don’t forget that the quality of the content must be the priority . In addition to monitoring results and doing good keyword research, always try to put yourself in the audience’s shoes. Only then will you be able to remain relevant. Want one more SEO tip for health sites? Show up in local searches! Download our ebook on Local SEO now and find out how to take your business to the top of the search engine in your region!

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