SE Ranking is a very complete tool and offers a great amount of resources that not only facilitate the elaboration of a strategy, but also allow you to follow it closely. This can greatly increase your company’s Digital Marketing efficiency. Of course, to use such a tool, you need to have a good understanding of SEO. So, to get deeper into the matter, check out our Definitive and Updated Guide to Conquering the First Page on Google ! So, you need to select the best among them, based on which ones suit your proposal and which ones are most interesting for your persona. Also eliminate data that are very similar, the least current and those that do not cause as much impact as our objective with the infographic is to attract attention .

It outlines SEO best

Practices and makes it clear what is being done and what still needs to be implemented. The marketing plan guides the user through important steps, such as devising a strategy, keyword research, on and off page optimization, and social media management. It’s clear that SE Ranking is really a great tool. Is it worth it to you? Well, it’s important to take a look at the packages and assess which one is cost-effective . In fact, on the plans and prices page there is a calculator that allows you to set up a plan in a very interactive way. After ticking all the options according to your needs, check the price, which appears in dollars. If the value seems high, keep researching other tools as the market offers many options.

Monitoring page changes

This tool is very useful for anyone working with a team. In these cases, some professionals may make important changes to pages or posts on a blog and you may not even know it. The problem is that in some cases it may be necessary to maintain control over the content. That’s what monitoring page changes is for . It helps you stay in tune with your marketing team members, preventing communication breakdowns between the team. Whenever content is updated, you receive a notification and stay informed about what is happening on your website or blog. Marketing plan. This functionality is presented in a checklist format, so that you can clearly see everything that needs to be done in your marketing strategy .

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