Thus, have already gone Denmark Email List  through previous contact experiences, have better results for companies. Imagine how you would feel in the place of the customer who receives contact Denmark Email List  “out of the blue” with an offer for a product or service. Now, think about how your reaction would be if the contact happened after a first moment, when you had the chance to get to know this company better and discover that it really is an authority in the niche in which it operates. In which of these situations would you Denmark Email List  be more likely to consume that brand’s products or services? The lead generation falls within the second stage of Inbound Marketing . This happens after the company has attracted an audience and is ready to convert visitors into leads for its sales force (ie, qualified leads for sales).

As you can see from the diagram below

Generating leads is a pivotal point in an individual’s journey to Denmark Email List  becoming a satisfied customer. Inbound Marketing Process Now that we understand how lead generation fits into Inbound Marketing, let’s follow the steps in the lead generation process Denmark Email List . How does lead generation happen? First, the visitor discovers your company through one of your communication channels — website, blog or through social networks, usually coming from search engines (he types a keyword in the search field and, through the settings of SEO  Denmark Email List  your page ranks among the top answers suggested on the search engine). After that, that visitor enters the suggested page and consumes the content provided. He will only click on the CTA (Call to Action) of the content if he really recognizes value in what he reads to solve the problem that gave rise to his initial search. This CTA Denmark Email List  will direct the visitor to a landing page — a page strategically designed to be convincing and capture information from leads in exchange for an offer (value content for that lead’s discovery journey stage

Once on the landing page

such as an ebook or course, or a discount promotional, Denmark Email List for example. the site user fills out a form and provides contact information in exchange for this offer. Did you notice how all the processes fit together so that, organically, a company influences and encourages a stranger to provide contact information and become a lead? After consuming valuable content for your search Denmark Email List  the unknown becomes a lead, that is, it naturally provides personal contact information to be nurtured by the sales team. As a result of this nurturing, the lead turns into a suspect who, later on, could also be a potential customer — prospect . The form and frequency of the long-term contact is what Denmark Email List  will guide the next actions throughout the sales funnel. lead funnel Source: Proven Models Why invest in this strategy in the digital environment.

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