Well, thank you for allowing me to join today’s panel China Email Lists, and this is, indeed, a great question and it’s a good idea to consider which vehicle to use to meet your charitable goals in an efficient manner. I want to highlight this is not only for wealthy individuals. So here I’ll outline a few items to consider that would impact your decision. The first is tax benefit China Email Lists considerations. We’ve been in a bull market for the past few years and investors may have securities that have appreciated in value. They could use those stocks to give to charity and avoid paying a capital gains tax. And depending on your tax situation, there may be an opportunity for multi-year planning. The second would be the involvement of your family. There are vehicles out China Email Lists there that will allow you to involve a family immediately, or even down the road when you’re ready to turn over the reins.

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And the next one would be just to be thoughtful and strategic China Email Lists in order to maximize your charitable impact. I should mention that these vehicles won’t be a fit for every donor, but there are other ways to achieve your goal, which I’m sure we’ll get to later in the podcast. MICHAEL: Vonny, thanks. Those are all important considerations. Julia, let me ask you, China Email Lists now that Vonny has helped our listeners to understand how and why it’s important to think about various giving vehicles, I’d like to start looking at some of those vehicles. So with 3.7 billion in grants for your prior fiscal year, Schwab Charitable is one of the largest donor-advised funds in the US, so let’s start with that. For anyone who isn’t already familiar with them, could you briefly describe what China Email Lists a donor-advised fund is and why a donor might select that vehicle? JULIA REED: Sure.

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A donor-advised fund is a simple, efficient, and tax-smart solution for China Email Lists charitable giving. It’s an account that helps donors make tax-efficient, charitable donations, invest for potential tax-free growth over time, and then give to charities, potentially even over generations. Donor-advised funds are administered by a sponsoring charity, such as a community foundation or national provider, like Schwab Charitable. The vehicle is growing in popularity with donors for China Email Lists a few key reasons. Ease of use, flexibility, simplicity, their comparatively low cost and their efficiency from an estate and legacy planning perspective. Let’s start with the ease. Donor-advised fund accounts are easy to establish and simple to manage. Irrevocable contributions qualify for a same China Email Lists-year tax deduction if the donor itemizes.

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