Brand awareness : Facebook likes, Twitter followers, YouTube video views, website visits; Brand engagement : sharing on social media, number of pages visited on the site, low bounce rate, comments on posts; Market education : number of pages visited on the site, subscribers to your newsletter and subscribers to your RSS feed; Lead generation : landing page conversions , contact base growth; Sales generation : number of sales, sales/leads; Cost per sale : time taken to make a sale, number of sales, CAC (customer acquisition cost); Lifetime-value : contract time for each customer. And so on. So look at your goal and reflect: what metrics will show me that I’m on the right track to meet my goal, being the only metrics I can’t afford not to monitor? Definition of Personas One of the pillars of Content Marketing is that you don’t want to attract anyone to your site. You want the right person, the one who really has the profile to become a customer.

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That’s why all planning must be based on knowledge about your persona , seeking to help her in all her pains and lead her through the sales funnel. The concept of persona is totally different from that of target audience. While the target audience is based on a description of the demographic you are looking to reach, the persona is a semi-fictional description of your ideal customer. Semi-fictitious because the process of creating personas goes through in-depth interviews with your best clients, in an attempt to identify common traits between them and that should be repeated in future clients. I’ll give you an example to make it clearer, ok? Let’s assume that the target audience of a certain shampoo brand can be described as women between 20 and 30 years old, who work and study and don’t have time to go to the beauty salon to take care of their hair.

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But this information doesn’t say much about customers’ preferences, how they think or act. So this brand interviewed some of its most loyal customers and drew a profile composed of the characteristics that best describe its ideal customer. The result is the persona Joana, a 25-year-old university student who works part-time as a private teacher, likes going out on weekends to dance, values ​​the health of her pocket, always looking to save money, and reads beauty blogs looking for tips practices that it can replicate on its own. As the persona is more detailed, it allows for more accurate actions , such as producing perfect content to help women like Joana. In addition, knowing your persona is critical to charting your ideal customer’s buying journey, the step-by-step process they follow from the moment they meet you to the moment they make the decision to actually buy.

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