The internet is made Guatemala Email List  of information and when the information we want to transmit is not so attractive, or presents a level of complexity a little higher, infographics are the perfect way to inform and attract the user’s attention . What are the benefits of betting on infographics? We already mentioned here that this is a trend and that they are highly attractive content, right? If you still need more reasons to adopt infographics, chec Guatemala Email List k out this list: Infographics represent statistical data in a more intuitive and easy to be consumed way , since they translate or expose numbers in a more pleasant way, because nothing more intimidating than lines and lines of incomprehensible data and graphics ; They have an absurd potential to go viral in view of their attractiveness and ease of sharing; Because it is viral in nature, more people will be redirected to your page, ensuring  Guatemala Email List greater opportunities to reach higher rankings in search engines.

The arrangement of elements in this type of material facilitates a more dynamic reading

As each piece of information has its own space in th Guatemala Email List e piece, being easier to find; Infographics can increase your website traffic by 12% ; They can also be great branding tools , as you can—and should—use them to reinforce your brand identity. What are the visuals used? For creating infographics, some visual concepts must be understood. Infographics use different visual languages ​​in order Guatemala Email List  to convey information clearly and quickly. Understand what and when to use these languages: Verbal language Guatemala Email List  We use verbal language when the graphic/image representation of one of the infographic items becomes too complex or simply less efficient. Instead of taking the risk of trying to represent something in a way that could be misinterpreted or misunderstood, you use the corresponding word and this can be written or spoken text (in the case of a video-infographic with voiceover).

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This feature is used when what you want to represent is very broad or abstract Guatemala Email List . Contrary to popular belief, it is not because it is an infographic that everything in it needs to be an image. Verbal language is commonly used in titles, captions, text blocks, values ​​and quantities (among other numerical information). When using this language, avoid very long texts. In infographics, texts are intended Guatemala Email List  to aid understanding, not to convey the full message. If not, it wouldn’t be an infographic, but a book page with pictures. Schematic Language In this category we can find elements that represent abstract concepts like arrows indicating directions, elements that indicate movement (like lines used to indicate that an object is moving, like the example below). how to make an infographic Elements such as different types of graphs , tables, diagrams, lines, etc. also fall into this category . Pictorial Language Pictorial Guatemala Email List   language encompasses more literal representations of concrete objects in the physical world.

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