Being able to stand out in digital channels is not an Liberia Email List easy task. With so much competition, it is necessary to create differentiated formats that attract users’ attention. One of these alternatives is to bet on the live experience , or live experience, Liberia Email List creating a feeling of exclusivity. Liberia Email List  This strategy can be even more efficient when one of the live video types is used . Live audio and video broadcasts can more effectively grab your audience’s attention. The best of everything? Several content formats can be used in Digital Marketing channels. How about finding out more about these options and the benefits of this strategy for your planning? The following topics will be covered: Liberia Email List  What is the concept of live video? What are the benefits of this strategy? What are the 7 best types of live video? Want to know how to use live videos to generate even more engagement ? Keep reading! What is the concept of live video.

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Live video is a live stream to increase audience Liberia Email List  engagement and create a sense of exclusivity and urgency. Instead of recording a video and going through the editing process to present it to the audience, the idea is to produce the content in real time. With increasingly easier access to the resources and advantages of technology, the production of audiovisual content has become simpler Liberia Email List . The goal is to create a more authentic material that allows real-time interactions with the public , getting even closer to its consumers. No wonder, a study by Limelight shows that internet users spend, on average, more than six hours watching videos online. As much as having a blog or working with Liberia Email List marketing are still relevant actions, interest in video content is growing. But a live video cannot be done just like that. You have to set a goal for the content to be broadcast, for example.

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On the positive side, there are different types Liberia Email List  of live video that you can adopt in your strategy to take full advantage of this content. What are the benefits of this strategy? But what are the benefits of investing time and resources in live videos? See, below, Liberia Email List  what are the main reasons to adopt this strategy in your Digital Marketing plan ! Meets audience behavior Understanding what consumers are looking for and want is the first step in optimizing a strategy. HubSpot ‘s data shows that 55% of consumers want to consume more video format content Liberia Email List  from the brands they consume. Your company needs to follow this trend. Generates a sense of urgency The sense of urgency is also another differential, as it encourages your audience not to miss what is happening at that moment. When a platform signals that your video is live, it’s another way to get the user’s Liberia Email List  attention, prioritizing its content. Brings focus to interactivity One of the main benefits, without a doubt, is the interactivity.

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