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We are gradually going ‘back to normal, but it will no longer be ‘business as usual. The impact of the corona is too great for that. For your education and entertainment, 15 world trends together give a picture of the world after a corona. Think about what is often said: ‘Predicting is difficult, especially when it comes to the future.’ Corona as an accelerator The corona crisis has accelerated many developments.

Philippines Phone Number List
Philippines Phone Number List

The use of digital services has grown enormously, China’s power position has increased, healthcare is under further pressure, customers are becoming even more demanding and social contradictions are increasing. Not to mention the major shortages in the labor market and the deterioration of the climate. The ‘sense of urgency to get moving is enormous. Contours of change If we look around us, we see a large number of developments that have been going on for some time but are extra visible due to corona and are getting a big boost.

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