widely disseminated in a market and remembered by the public, and one of the main ways, in this relationship with the consumer, is to generate value. This is a direct consequence of a work that invests in details, aiming to arouse feelings and generate associations that the consumer easily assimilates. Burundi Email List Over time, the brand’s value also results in an increase in the product’s added value , generating greater sales and potential profit margins. brand awareness The brand awareness is another extremely important result that can be achieved, being very valuable for any company. When there are good results in this regard, it means Burundi Email List that a large percentage of your target audience knows that brand and is aware of its main characteristics and qualities. Among the positive points that lead to this level, many of them can be the result of good brand experience work. Therefore, investing in good techniques helps to project brand recognition on the consumer, leading him to associate it with details that generate sensations and feelings.

Closeness to the public Solid brands are those capable of being close to their audience

With a relationship full of interactions, positive feelings and Burundi Email List  also satisfaction. Good brand experience work is capable of strategically promoting all of this, generating a positive perception and increasingly pleasant experiences . Whether in a physical purchase Burundi Email List  or an online service, if the brand knows how to develop an outstanding experience, in the end it will be getting closer to its consumer. The main factor to enable this more positive Burundi Email List  relationship is precisely the brand experience actions. How does the concept work in practice? Large brands have applied the brand experience in their operations so effectively that it is not always possible to identify the strategies behind each action and detail. That’s what makes these brands so relevant and makes them so widely recognized within their markets Burundi Email List . To analyze concrete examples of brand experience application, it is essential to divide them into two categories: physical and digital. in the physical We’ve already talked about sensory experiences, which are the most traditional and applied in retail, but a very valuable example are the events that brands organize .

An interesting case of success is Rock in Rio

A music festival that takes place every Burundi Email List  two years in Rio de Janeiro, but which has already been hosted by other cities around the world. Today, much more than a music festival, Rock in Rio is a great sensory experience designed to propose a broader concept to the brand. Those who attend can enjoy, in addition Burundi Email List  to various stages, activities such as the famous zipline, the Ferris wheel, bars and restaurants, in addition to the actions of brands that support the event, always bringing news Burundi Email List  to each edition. This repositioning that Rock in Rio projected in its most recent editions was responsible for enhancing the event in such a way that today it is, above all, a brand . Thus, in addition to the shows, the public associates this series of experiences that are possible within the Burundi Email List  event to the event. Rock in Rio on digital Applying the brand experience in digital is no longer a big challenge as it once was,

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