Stay with us to see all this in detail with examples Norfolk Island Email List from companies around the world. Good reading! Put people’s health first In a serious scenario such as that generated by Coronavirus, the least that is expected of companies is that the usual priorities are put in the background for a moment, so that the most important is taken as priority: the health of the population and the safety Norfolk Island Email List of society . There are estimates that the pandemic will cost more than US$2.7 trillion to the global economy, which raises strong fears in several countries, especially among those that were already in a fragile economic situation. Workers fear securing their jobs, entrepreneurs fear being forced to  Norfolk Island Email List close their doors, self-employed people fear not being able to sustain their business. But above all, individuals across the planet fear for their own health, that of family and friends. Norfolk Island Email List The empathy and humanization therefore are fundamental and in this context, some points are essential.

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Corporate social responsibility Given that Norfolk Island Email List companies directly influence the routine, lifestyle and movement of most people in cities, their decisions can have a direct impact on the expansion and consequences of a health crisis, especially when we Norfolk Island Email List  are dealing with a disease easy to propagate like covid-19. Regardless, however, of the type and severity of the situation, if an organization is not able to provide a safe environment Norfolk Island Email List  for its professionals to carry out their work, it must dismiss them. Employers must do as much as possible to contain the problem. Understanding the gravity of the situation It is critical that employers understand that the control measures adopted by governments will not affect individuals in Norfolk Island Email List  isolation. Everyone around you can be reached directly or indirectly by any announced guidance. Thus, companies must provide conditions for their employees to protect themselves and also be able to take care of sick or quarantined family members .

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Another important point is that many schools Norfolk Island Email List  and day care centers will be closed, forcing parents to readjust their work routine to stay with their children at home. The importance of taking quick action The most important fact about Norfolk Island Email List  Coronavirus that should never be underestimated is its rate of contagion. With the number of infected people growing rapidly every day, delays in confirming and adopting security measures should not be tolerated. Upon confirmation of a case of covid-19 among its staff, it is essential that the employer Norfolk Island Email List  or guardian immediately inform the health authorities so that the most appropriate safety protocol is adopted with all those who had contact with the infected person . Do what you can Reduction of teams and hours worked, increased rigor in cleaning the work environment, adoption of a home office

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