But you can’t download them for listening on another  player; an Lesotho Email List  ebook purchased at Saraiva can be read on both the e-reader and the company’s app, but it cannot be read on the Kindle, which is from Amazon; video game consoles only accept games on original discs or Lesotho Email List  downloaded from official stores; an ebook purchased on an infoproduct platform will likely come with the buyer’s name and CPF on the pages to inhibit them from sharing the material with others – this is called social DRM . Example of social DRM, customer name and CPF registered in ebook. Lesotho Email List  Source: Eduzz What are the main elements of this technology? Since digital rights management can take many formats, let’s talk a little about some of the more common features. Also, remember that not all of them will apply to your digital product. Definition of limitations You can define, for example Lesotho Email List , if your ebook can be printed or not and on how many devices it can be accessed.

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In the case of a course, how long can the customer access it? Will access be for life  Lesotho Email List or will there be a fixed period of, for example, one, two or more years? These examples show that the content usage limitation can be set by the producer . Cryptography Encryption scrambles the content so that it can only be opened correctly by software that has the passkey. license management This has to do with Lesotho Email List  the number of users who will be able to access the content. For example, there are software licenses that provide for installation on a certain number of devices. compatible player The player must be able to communicate with the server to fetch license information. This is what happens, for example, with Windows Media Player. If you are going to listen to an MP3 song on your computer.

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the program will check if you have a license. How to implement the use Lesotho Email List of DRM? Piracy is an enemy of entrepreneurship . After all, think of the damage it can do to a small business that is starting to grow stronger with the success of a digital product Lesotho Email List . If that’s the case for you, have you already made sure your content is protected? An important element that contributes to your security is the platform used to make the sales . It would not be safe to host material directly on your website. Therefore, look for a platform that is compatible Lesotho Email List  with the type of content you are selling. And research very carefully about how she does digital rights management. It’s true that DRM has failed, and unfortunately will not, stop illegal copies. Lesotho Email List  Even so, we cannot leave that security aside. As far as possible, you need to protect your digital products and fight piracy . And since we’re talking about security, how about finding out more about the subject Lesotho Email List. Check out our guide with 6 tips to protect your information!

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