The Twitter , one of the most important social networks in times of crisis, also released Portuguese Timor Email List interesting data: the “covid-19” is being tweet every 45 milliseconds and Portuguese Timor Email List Coronavirus is already the second most used in 2020. Due to the global focus on the pandemic and the isolation measures, consequently many changes will be observed in consumer behavior, and anticipating them can help many companies to avoid inconvenience and losses. Events will change according to each Portuguese Timor Email List  business, but some important facts can already be worked out by companies. Check it out. Greater demand in e-commerce Watch for changes in e-commerce. E-commerce sales are likely to increase. However, although part of the stores’ operation is online, packaging, shipping Portuguese Timor Email List  and logistics services can be rendered inactive by the temporary dismissal of workers. So inform your customers about all these possibilities. Cancellations and Portuguese Timor Email List  Refunds Events are being postponed around the world, which will cause many people to seek refunds or charge rescheduling’s.

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Although it is too early to set dates, Portuguese Timor Email List  after all it is not known exactly how long the pandemic and its protective measures will last, it is essential to inform consumers and keep them updated on the decisions being taken. The same goes for airlines, road transport companies, hotels, inns and other tourism-related enterprises Portuguese Timor Email List . Changes in physical retail A preliminary balance carried out by the São Paulo Trade Association has already pointed to a 16.7% decline in sales in the first weekend after guidance given by the city government to reduce the movement of people. The good news is that Portuguese Timor Email List  there is a consensus among experts and international authorities that the serious pandemic scenario is limited , and control measures could be eased in many regions as the situation is brought under control. Until then, retailers struggle to adapt to internet sales by making digital catalogs available  Portuguese Timor Email List , developing small online stores Portuguese Timor Email List , creating profiles on Marketplaces and providing local deliveries.

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Greater use of digital services Portuguese Timor Email List  With many people at home, online platforms and delivery services will naturally be more in demand. The diversity of solutions available via mobile currently reassures a good part of the population, as it does not require visits to banks, lotteries and even supermarkets Portuguese Timor Email List  in some cities. The highlight, however, is the streaming services that are already strengthening their infrastructure to meet the greater demand of simultaneous users on their platforms. The Amazon , for example, reinforced the team of employees and announced the hiring of 100,000 employees. Portuguese Timor Email List  Adopt mitigation measures Finally, be sure to check the scenario within your market and your business to identify the areas that will be most affected Portuguese Timor Email List , the most urgent issues, the activities that can be rescheduled and the immediate actions that should be taken in the face of a possible worsening of the situation.

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