A company known for its backpacks. Carrying the spirit of travel Saudi Arabia Phone Number List , common to the brand, its profile shows its consumers all over the world and always with a Herschel on their back.  Saudi Arabia Phone Number List Meliuz Méliuz Instagram Followers: +101 thousand Have you always been curious to know what it’s like to work at a startup? Méliuz’s Instagram will show you exactly that! In addition to transmitting very well how your employees work and what motivates them, the brand’s profile is very strong in humanizing your company . Let’s agree, after seeing their profile, it makes me want to work there. And that’s employer branding Saudi Arabia Phone Number List  done efficiently! Saudi Arabia Phone Number List  Huge Huge Instagram Followers: +108,000 With creative ways to strengthen your brand and showing the day-to-day life of an agency in New York, Huge becomes the company of anyone’s dreams. And much of it thanks to his Instagram profile. Even though it is far from us, the brand manages to inspire us, as it shows the routine of a young agency located in a vibrant and attractive city, which does not go down badly in any feed.  Saudi Arabia Phone Number List  Buffer Instagram buffer Followers.

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thousand Investing in user-generated content is a strong trend for 2018 on social media. And Buffer, a company specialized in the subject, has been successfully investing in this strategy. With a 100% community-created profile, the company is growing its visibility on the internet with stunning photos on its Instagram profile. Saudi Arabia Phone Number List Nubank Nubank Instagram Followers: +1.7 million One of the darling companies currently in Brazil is also a favorite on Instagram. The profile feed uses a lot of purple, a striking color that is already synonymous with the brand, which helps to further consolidate its visual identity. In addition, in a light and straightforward  Saudi Arabia Phone Number List way, several posts help educate the consumer about the company’s disruptive business model.  Saudi Arabia Phone Number List  Letterfolk Letterfolk Instagram Followers: + 345 thousand This venture is founded by a young couple and sells customizable signs. And to sell, there’s nothing better than showing your product right? Mainly if done with as much humor and intelligence as Letter Folk. With funny phrases, easily related to our daily lives and extremely shareable,

Saudi Arabia Phone Number List

the brand’s profile is the recipe for success on Saudi Arabia Phone Number List  Instagram , which is translated into its more than 250 thousand followers and posts always with a lot of engagement.  Saudi Arabia Phone Number List  WeWork WeWork Instagram Followers: + 624 thousand WeWork works as a kind of CoWorking and, therefore, it wants to attract you to work in one of its offices around the world. And with a quick glance at their profile, you can see that they are successful in achieving that goal. Showing the communities in which the company is based and its workspaces, the brand has an Instagram account with beautiful images Saudi Arabia Phone Number List  that ensure visibility for its workspaces. 10. Hotmart Hotmart Instagram Followers: +881 thousand Hotmart, another Brazilian startup, does an interesting job on its Instagram. The profile focuses on managing the brand’s image and showing how its employees work and are valued. With some constant frames, branding is a profile management reference.

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