Creation of information channels and free provision Palau Email Lists of communication services are some of the measures taken by many companies in view of the expansion of Coronavirus around the world. Microsoft, for example, created a real-time map of the pandemic by  Palau Email Lists collecting data from reports released by the WHO, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and other sources. source: Bing/Microsoft, posted by Exam Magazine . Google has also sought to do its part by providing free access to the advanced features of its Hangouts Meet video conferencing Palau Email Lists  service to help companies and schools affected by Coronavirus communicate. As you can see, the best way for your brand to act at a time like this is to be useful in some way . Check out some suggestions you can implement in your company! Reduce bureaucracy in internal processes Especially in large companies, Palau Email Lists  long lists of documents and tasks are very common.

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This does not mean that these steps are unnecessary Palau Email Lists , but due to a crisis like this, increasing the agility of internal processes by relinquishing certain requirements is very important. Use technology to avoid contact between people One of the measures that your company can take immediately is the cancellation of interviews, meetings and in-person events, regardless of their nature or urgency Palau Email Lists . If video conferencing is not yet used in your business, now is the time to start taking advantage of this technology. There are currently several effective communication platforms, some with exclusive features for companies. Increase rigor in sanitation The health label is also one of  Palau Email Lists the recommendations most publicized by Brazilian and international authorities, after all, contagion by Coronavirus is very similar to that of common flu and other respiratory diseases. Therefore, increasing the rigor in cleaning the work environment and instituting protective hygiene policies for employees is essential in combating the spread of covid-19. Reschedule business trips The routine of many companies involves constant travel by executives and employees.

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However, the current recommendation is that Palau Email Lists  the movement of people be avoided as much as possible. At first, this guidance was restricted to international travel to the most affected regions, but after the accelerated growth of contagion in several regions of Brazil, Palau Email Lists  the measure was extended to travel within the country involving risk areas. Implement home office Telecommuting is a logical solution to maintaining business and government productivity in critical times . After the isolation guidelines issued by the WHO, the benefits and potentials Palau Email Lists  of this type of work started to be widely discussed, mainly in the areas of IT, Digital Marketing and even in public administration. Although this is an excellent alternative, it is still unfeasible for many segments, such as industry, transport and physical retail. The expectation, however, is that the advances in Industry Palau Email Lists which are already being implemented in large schools in many countries, including Brazil ― will mean that more and more jobs are covered by this option.

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