Produce interactive Live Streams and let users Samoa Email List participate with questions you can answer live. This helps your brand cover the entire topic and also generates insights into the interests, issues, and even the stage of the funnel the consumer is at. consumer Samoa Email List journey Speaking of funnels, live broadcasts are important weapons in managing the consumer journey. Among the most popular formats is the webinar , very commonly offered in the last step of the funnel, leading the lead to make their purchase decision. The live webinar can take several approaches. It is possible to develop it as a presentation of your company, with the objective of educating the consumer about a subject Samoa Email List, or simply to serve as a tutorial for the use of a product. If your business holds corporate events, you can also make a Live Streaming to bring the audience “inside” the company. This is an important effort to demonstrate transparency and to humanize your brand, values ​​so crucial to modern consumer decisions.

Furthermore, it is a simple way to Samoa Email List considerably increase the capacity of the event, without worrying about investments to expand the physical capacity. You may also be interested in this content! 7 types of live videos to test your digital strategy in 2020 Live Blogging: what it is and everything you need to know in Samoa Email List ! Sponsored streaming: what it is, benefits and better tools! Live Q&A: How to create real-time coverage? What is a live experience and how do you engage your audience with one? How to make Live Streaming successful? Of course, it’s no use doing a Live Streaming anyway and hoping it gets some success.  Samoa Email List As in any activity of your company, the transmission must be structured by good planning and good practices . So, check out some tips for you to get good results from your real-time broadcasts. Plan content in advance Content quality is everything.


To ensure this, start planning in advance, starting with the subject that Samoa Email List  will be covered. Also define the date and time, in order to facilitate the dissemination, a subject that we will deal with soon. With the theme and date set, comes something very important: Samoa Email List  the creation of a script . As much as you are prepared to speak in front of the cameras and feel absolutely sure about the content to be covered, caution never hurts. focus your persona If you don’t have a persona yet, it’s past time to create one. She represents your ideal consumer and, Samoa Email List  therefore, all your marketing and communication activities should have her as a strategic center. Even the broadcast schedule should be pleasant for most of your followers Samoa Email List . The persona is more than the target audience and, therefore, has very specific characteristics, such as motivations, pains and preferences . Think about this when writing your screenplay and ensure that you use language that is simple for your audience to understand and, at the same time, conveys confidence.

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