You see, search engines like Google and Zambia Email Lists Bing use algorithms to rank all indexed content. It is through these algorithms that Google, for example, defines that article X is more important than Y and that is why it should be placed first on the page when a person searches for a certain keyword. The more relevant the engines deem Zambia Email Lists your content, the better placed it will be in the rankings. Zambia Email Lists And being well placed in the rankings is essential to reach your persona, since, according to a report by Internet Marketing Ninjas , first place earns 21% of clicks! The same survey says that the second earns 10%, the third only 7% and that number keeps falling. In other words, if you’re not well placed, Zambia Email Lists it’s almost as if you don’t exist. However, as algorithms are logical, it is possible to follow some principles to show search engines that your content is really relevant.

Business Email List Marketing – To Promote Business in the Most Effectual Way

The main one is the presence of the keyword throughout Zambia Email Lists  the text in an organic way. In other words, not the frantic repetition of the keyword, but variations of it that approximate the spoken language. And not only the presence of the keyword organically in the text, but also in the title, in the URL , in the meta-description, in the alt-text of the image. But that’s just the main factor. Zambia Email Lists  There are many others like: links from sites with strong domain, site optimized for mobile, page authority, etc. Learn all about SEO Content Disclosure As powerful as Google is Zambia Email Lists , you can’t just rely on it to find your content. It is necessary to make it visible to all, taking it to your audience and encouraging people to read this work that you have been developing with so much dedication. Effective content promotion directly influences the results of your strategy.

Business Email List Marketing – Tips on How it Can Benefit Your Business

So, don’t leave it in the background and don’t spare Zambia Email Lists  any efforts to make it even better! I separated two dissemination channels that are interesting for any Content Marketing strategy. Check out: Social networks As I explained in this guide, social networks are an important customer acquisition channel. To give you an idea, 92% of marketers say that social media is important to Zambia Email Lists  their business ( Social Media Examiner ). But publicizing the content you’re producing goes a little beyond just posting a link on Facebook. Even because you might not even need to be on Facebook. To get results through social media, you only need to be part of the networks where your audience is present. Zambia Email Lists  If your persona isn’t on Facebook, you have no reason to syndicate content there, would you? Another important point is to understand that each of the environments in which you publish your content has different audiences and expectations.

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