Content Ideas to Work During Nicaragua email lists the Coronavirus Pandemic To help you build your editorial calendar in the midst of Coronavirus, we’ve analyzed research trends in Brazil over the past few months in a variety of areas. Thus, we separated some subjects and topics that gained prominence in the searches — especially in the month of March, when the WHO officially declared the pandemic and the isolation measures began to be implemented. Nicaragua email lists  Write down! 1. Prevention actions As expected, the most researched subjects in Brazil in recent weeks refer to information about Coronavirus and prevention measures . Naturally, many portals and blogs are producing posts on the subject, which is not a problem, but it deserves caution. Searches related to “Coronavirus” in Brazil between January and March 2020 Searches related to “Coronavirus” in Brazil between January and March Nicaragua email lists First, major market platforms — including Google, YouTube, Facebook and other social networks — are controlling the display of content created with the keywords Coronavirus, COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2 and related terms.

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Furthermore, competition is huge and the big news Nicaragua email lists  portals gain priority in most searches. That’s not to say you shouldn’t work with these terms. On the contrary, it is very important to make it clear to your audience that your company cares about the situation and is doing something about it , whether taking supportive measures or providing important guidance. The tip is to bet on long tail keywords , creating bridges between your business universe and control and prevention measures. Do you work with vehicles? Nicaragua email lists Teach your audience to properly sanitize their cars. Do you work with retail? List precautions to take when making or receiving purchases. Do you work with technology? Teach your audience to clean their electronic equipment. Do you work with events? Give your audience suggestions Nicaragua email lists  on how to have fun at home during times of quarantine. We must warn, however, that if you are not an official entity, it is not your role to define or disseminate protocols for combating the Coronavirus pandemic . The scene is very delicate and people need accurate information.

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Therefore, give as much space as possible to Nicaragua email lists  competent authorities and health and science professionals. You may also be interested in this content! Ion software applications to manage Covid-19 updates 2. Public measures to support the population In view of the decisions that are being taken by municipal, state and federal governments to offer support to the population and the Nicaragua email lists economy, many people are looking for clarification. As everything is being developed as a matter of urgency, changes are being announced very quickly, which raises doubts among citizens about whether, when and how they will receive aid . Increased searches related to “emergency financial assistance” in March 2020 Increased searches related to “emergency financial assistance” in March Nicaragua email lists There are also questions about the opening and closing of commercial establishments and the rules imposed by city halls. If your company has expertise in the public, legal, accounting or financial areas, for example, bringing simplified information about the measures being announced could be a good idea of ​​content to work with during the Coronavirus pandemic . If you’re an authority in these industries, chances are your audience is already waiting for this kind of material.

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