It is now tempting to cite the corona crisis as an explanation for our increased interest in an online channel such as e-mail, but the research El Salvador Phone Number Listmakes no statements about this. However, the research clearly shows that the Dutch have been increasingly subscribing to new mailings since 2017. How many new email newsletters have you subscribed to in the past year? 5. 76% have made at least one purchase through the email channel.

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As a final conclusion in the top 5, we can say that the Dutch like to buy something as a result of e-mail. Email remains important for e-commerce. Especially if you sell directly to consumers. Popular social media platforms don’t come close to the selling power of email. What still tempts: the letterbox. But e-mail is and remains the big sales champion. Also in 2021. National Email Research Channels Chart.

El Salvador Phone Number List
El Salvador Phone Number List

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The research For the eighth edition of the National E-mail Survey, 22 questions about e-mail and other online channels were presented to 2,153 people from the consumer panel of CG Research. The survey also pays special attention to the email channel’s 50th anniversary. But the survey also includes 5 e-mail professionals: Bart van der Kooi, Lonieke Schepers, Joep van Ham, Jasmijn Hemersma and Kelly Jaspers.

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