No problem! In short, we can say that: Belize Email List  SEO is the process of optimizing a website so that people find it more easily when they perform searches on certain topics in search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.). In other words, it’s everything you want when you think about attracting new visitors and new leads to your company. SEO tactics are many and for your content or page to appear in the first results of Google, there are about 200 ranking factors that are taken into account. There is no cake recipe Belize Email List , but let’s summarize some basic and essential best practices for you to start improving your site’s rankings. SEO on Page These optimizations are what you can do within your website and content. To do this, you should perform keyword research thinking about your business persona to find out what she is interested in and how you can benefit from addressing that Belize Email List  question or need for her. If you’ve never done this process before, we suggest you take a step-by-step walkthrough of a complete keyword search in this post here .

After defining the most important keywords for your business

Tt’s time to produce content focused on them, so that your audience’s Belize Email List doubts are answered. For this, some good practices refer to the inclusion of keywords in the following text components: in the SEO title, preferably at the beginning; in some intertitle, which must appear in the text code between the heading tags <h2> (read more about what heading tags are here); it must also be present naturally and semantically throughout the text; in the meta description Belize Email List (this doesn’t influence SEO directly, but it makes more people click on your content). But beware : there is no point in optimizing your content with keywords used correctly if the content is not relevant . Google has constantly updated its algorithm so that more and more results on the first pages are the ones that give the best answers to those who do a search. If your content doesn’t help anyone, doesn’t give good answers to your persona, if it’s not relevant and unique, it will hardly reach the top Belize Email List , no matter what you do with SEO.

We’ll talk more about content relevance in the next topic

Now let’s talk about off page SEO, that is, the Belize Email List  SEO strategies you do outside of your site and its content. off page SEO On page SEO practices are laborious, but simple to be done, as it only depends on you and your team. And there are tools — like Yoast , which can save you a lot of work. We can’t say the same about off page anymore. Off page SEO is based on the quantity and quality of links that point to your page and content. What does that mean? Belize Email List The more content pointing to your page or content as a reference, through linking, the more authority you gain with Google and consequently the higher your content gets on the search pages. So just go out and spread your content link all over the internet, right? Wrong. The quality of the sites that link to yours is also considered by Google and the trend is that the Belize Email List  requirement will only increase, as we can see, for example, with the update of the Penguin algorithm .

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