They can be photographic and realistic representations guyana-email-list  (as in the given example of the ship) but they can also be very synthetic and iconic illustrative representations. how to make an infographic It is important to remember that when we talk about visual guyana-email-list  representations, especially the less literal ones, one must be very careful because different people interpret different things. These interpretations are influenced by several factors, such as cultural difference and the context itself. This means that we must not take our own values ​​and take them as absolutes. If you show someone an icon that represents a butterfly and that person says that it resembles a car engine guyana-email-list  to them, you should rethink the image you have chosen to represent your butterfly. Now that we know all this, let’s go to the next step! What are the types of Infographics? With the multitude of new media emerging in the digital world every day, infographics also take on new forms and platforms. This allows us to guyana-email-list  explore different resources for better transmission of information.

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Basically, there are three types of infographics guyana-email-list : static, animated and interactive. static infographics Even though they are the most easily found infographics, this does not mean that their execution is less laborious. When the infographic is guyana-email-list  just a static image, it becomes even more challenging to express and define the information. The data needs to be well organized and there is usually a lot of textual information in static infographics . See the example: how to make an infographic This infographic was made to explain the complexity of the British Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier. For this, the ship itself was illustrated so that each part could be explained guyana-email-list. Note that in internal parts, the ship’s section has been illustrated or a photo of the interior accompanies the text information. Infographics like this need to be very well organized so they don’t get cluttered. The fonts, spacings and vents must be very balanced. Too many details to worry about.


Animated Infographics A popular feature is animated infographics

In them, due to mobility, information can be better guyana-email-list  divided and organized. Taking the aircraft carrier infographic as an example, if it were animated in video form , all text content could be replaced by voiceover. The parts of the carrier could be shown in linear steps. 3D animation features could be used to show the interior of the ship, for example. All of this would make the final content easier to understand. The problems are the technical difficulties in executing this material. Professionals who master 3D animation and modeling are expensive and an infographic with a very high level of complexity can cost a lot of money. However, animated infographics don’t have to be that complex. See the example: In this infographic video, the explanatory phrase is combined with animated visual resources to explain the growth of social networks. In this example of how to make an infographic, the theme is the same, but this time without voiceover, just written data to be read, aided by animation. how to make an infographic how to make an infographic guyana-email-list The above examples (made by the amazing Pictoline infographics site ) are animated GIFs that explain different themes. GIFs generate high engagement on social media, learn more about making GIFs by clicking here. interactive infographics This type of infographic also requires an advanced technical level, as it will involve,guyana-email-list  in addition to animations, programming skills.

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