certain promotional channels that Colombia Email Address will only be relevant to your niche. Note: Speaking of blog post promotion, be sure to check out our definitive guide to help you get started. Use it to create a promotional checklist that you can work through whenever you publish new content. 16. Prepare for the next phase of your blog’s Colombia Email Address evolution If you looked at Blogging Wizard in 2012, you’d notice that it was very different to how it looks now. Not just from the perspective of the design, but also the topics I talk about and how I write. I cringe every time I read one of my older posts. And sometimes more Colombia Email Address recent ones (lol). Sometimes it makes sense for us to pivot our blog’s in a slightly different direction; maybe we need to be more specific about who our ideal

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audience is, or maybe we need to adjust our Colombia Email Address content plan. You can spend huge amounts of time planning your blog’s launch, but you’ll always learn more after you start your blog. Not just about blogging and how to better serve your audience – you’ll learn more about yourself and how blogging fits into your lifestyle. Which Colombia Email Address is why we should always keep our minds open to the possibility of changing things. So be mindful of the direction you want to take your blog, and don’t be afraid to change your approach – it could make all the difference. 17. Orientate yourself and your blog Colombia Email Address with a foolproof plan As bloggers, content is our bread and butter. As such, it’s easy to focus entirely on our content plan. But there’s a limit to the scope of a content plan. You need

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