at the latest statistics relating to Catalan Email List Facebook Messenger. These stats can help you learn more about who uses the app, what the current trends are, and how it can be used for business. Ready? Let’s get started. Table of contents Facebook Messenger usage statistics We all know that Facebook Messenger is popular, but Catalan Email List the question is how popular? The Facebook Messenger statistics below will help you learn more about how many people are using the platform and, perhaps even more importantly, what they are using it for. 1. People send over 100 billion messages through Facebook Catalan Email List Messenger every day That includes messages sent across Facebook’s family of apps (including Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.). However, seeing as Messenger is a dedicated messenger service,

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it’s probably safe to assume a huge chunk of those Catalan Email List messages go through the app. Even if only 50% of those 100 billion messages are sent through Messenger, that’s still a whopping 50 billion. To put that into perspective, that’s the equivalent of almost 7 times the total number of people on earth. Source: Facebook News1 2. The Catalan Email List app has over 1.3 billion active users worldwide This technically makes it the 5th most popular social platform in the world and shows just how huge the messaging app’s reach is. It follows hot on the heels of Instagram, which has just 86 million Catalan Email List more users at 1.386 billion. This also means that Facebook inc.

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