account when it’s relevant, but you Malaysia Email List should steer clear of leaving spammy, irrelevant comments where you can. To gain followers this way, all you really have to do is interact with other users in a natural and authentic way. 22. Make the most of Instagram Stories Instagram Stories are a great way to connect Malaysia Email List with your audience on an authentic level, and when used correctly they can help boost engagement on your account and gain more followers. Stories don’t have to be super exciting or edited, they can instead be used to share updates and start conversations with your followers. Malaysia Email List Instagram followers tip 22 – Instagram stories I like to use Stories as an alternative to Instagram posts, particularly when I just need to share a quick update to my followers.

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To boost engagement through your Stories, try using the Malaysia Email List poll or ask me anything stickers to encourage your followers to get involved and talk to you directly. You can also add hashtags and location tags to your Stories so that they can be found by users that don’t already follow you. 23. Create your own AR filters AR filters are Malaysia Email List super popular on Instagram, and they are a great way to gain exposure for your profile. By using a tool like Spark AR Studio, you can design your own Instagram filters and make them available for people to use on the platform. When you upload a filter, it will be listed under your Malaysia Email List profile name, and this may encourage people to check out your profile and hit follow. When creating a filter, try to create something that is funny or engaging.

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