Source: Twitter 26. The number Mexico Phone Number List of marketers using TikTok doubled in 2020 TikTok is a platform that runs solely on video content. For a while, the platform has been gaining traction, and it skyrocketed to fame at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, despite the success of the platform, marketers have been Mexico Phone Number List slow to adapt and realize the potential that it holds. Although the number of markers using TikTok for marketing doubled in 2020, this still only amounts to around 20% of all marketers. Source: Wyzowl 27. TikTok has the second-highest consumer spend of all Mexico Phone Number List mobile apps TikTok is a relatively new platform, but its video-centric format is already proving to be successful when it comes to driving sales. The platform has the second-highest consumer spend of any mobile app, second only to Tinder. This just shows how effective visual content like short-form videos

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can be from a marketing perspective. Source: WeAreSocial/Hootsuite 28. Instagram Stories are used by over 500 million accounts each month Short-form, unproduced videos like Instagram stories Mexico Phone Number List are becoming increasingly popular amongst regular users and businesses. Instagram stories are easy to create visual content that is super effective for building brand identity and increasing sales. According to Instagram, around 500 million accounts utilize the stories function every month. Instagram Stories are used by over 500 million accounts each month Source: Instagram Business 29. Snapchat has Mexico Phone Number List over 280 million daily active users Snapchat is another platform that evidences the popularity of visual content. The platform allows users to send short video messages that are deleted within a few seconds of users viewing them. This alternative messaging app is becoming

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