management and social listening. With Jordan Phone Number List Instagram analytics, you’ll measure follower growth, engagement, hashtag performance and conversions. Tracking for promoted posts is included as well. The user interface (each profile has its own UI) for this part of the dashboard is broken up into three tabs: Overview, Demographics and Profiles. The Overview tab is topped with total counts of your impressions, engagements and message link clicks. Jordan Phone Number List There’s also a graph featuring a simple display of the amount of followers you gained versus the amount you lost. A separate line graph showcases metrics for Instagram stories with different-colored lines representing replies, tap backs, tap forwards and exits. You and your team can even use labels and internal tags to track campaign performance across different social media platforms, including Instagram. Pricing: Plans star Jordan Phone Number List t at $99/month or $1,

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068/year (advertised as $89/month). Try Sprout Social Free #9 – Awario Awario is a brand monitoring tool that’s a little cheaper than Brand24. It monitors mentions of keywords of your choosing Jordan Phone Number List from sources like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, blogs, forums and news sites. awario analytics Social listening works differently for each platform, but metrics for all sources are aggregated into one dashboard. A graph displays the number Jordan Phone Number List f mentions you’ve received during your chosen timeframe and includes percentages tallying your positive and negative mentions. So, how can you use this as an Instagram analytics tool? You can also see how many people you’ve reached across all platforms, where in Jordan Phone Number List the world most of your mentions originate from, metrics depicting gender and age groups, and popular topics. Customization for reports is included as well. Add as many widgets as you want to reports to showcase different metrics. Examples include a bar chart showcasing sources sorted by reach, a list showcasing top

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