keyword research. Turning solutions Ukraine Email List  into topic ideas So, what you should have by the end of the previous step is a list of problems your audience or target audience is currently facing. Your next step is to turn that list of problems into a list of topic ideas. This isn’t hard to do at all when you break it down into steps. Start Ukraine Email List by grouping your list of problems into three categories: Urgent – Problems you feel your audience needs solved as soon as possible Popular – Problems your audience spoke of the most but don’t necessarily need to be treated with the same level of urgency Less relevant – Problems Ukraine Email List that aren’t urgent nor popular Focus on the Urgent list first. Rearrange the problems within the list based on what you feel needs to be tackled first. Write down solutions

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for each after that, then jot down the list of steps Ukraine Email List your reader will need to take to achieve that solution. Those individual steps are where your topic ideas should come from. For example, replacing meat in a vegan’s diet requires learning about the role protein, vitamin D and vitamin B12 play in the human diet, becoming better Ukraine Email List informed about the ingredients used in meat substitutes and learning how to use substitutes in recipes that normally call for meat. All of these are great topic ideas. Come up with topic ideas for your own steps, or turn each step into a topic idea. Optimizing content ideas for Ukraine Email List multiple platforms Once you have a list of content ideas to work with, your next step is to determine how to work them into your normal editorial calendar and overall

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