Then, you can open your shopping Palestinian Territories Email List cart by clicking the Translate Page option on the toolbar. From there, you can translate your cart just like you saw above. Because WooCommerce already includes its own language packs, TranslatePress will try to automatically import the translation from WooCommerce if it’s Palestinian Territories Email List available. You’ll then be able to edit WooCommerce’s existing translation in both the original language and any new languages that you’ve added: Edit existing WooCommerce translation You can use the same approach to translate the WooCommerce Palestinian Territories Email List checkout page. Translate menu items and widgets To translate any menu items or widgets, you can use the same point and click approach. First, launch the translation editor for any piece Palestinian Territories Email List of content

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that includes the menu item or widget that Palestinian Territories Email List you want to translate. Then, open the translation by hovering over the item that you want to translate and clicking the pencil icon: Pencil icon to translate section Once you translate the element, your store will automatically use that translation for every instance Palestinian Territories Email List of that element. For example, when you translate a menu item, your store will use that translation for every page where that menu appears. Translate any other part of your site You probably don’t need any more examples here, but the basic idea is that you can Palestinian Territories Email List continue using this visual editor to translate all the content on your store, whether it comes from WooCommerce, your theme, another WordPress plugin, and so on. 4. Translate SEO details for multilingual SEO If you plan to use multilingual SEO as a strategy to grow your Palestinian Territories Email List store’s traffic, TranslatePress can

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