In the last few years, it’s added new opportunities to help Belize Email List farm families generate non-farm income as well. It trains and finances them to set up independent businesses—retail stores, agricultural dealerships, even motorbike sales—all kinds of products and services that are in high demand in rural areas, but where broken supply chains often don’t function. Belize Email List Kola Masha 29:47 They’re now able to take that income from their farm and now invest that and have other business opportunities. So it’s that layered effect where they’re able to really achieve truly transformational life-changing opportunities because they’re able to make significantly Belize Email List increased incomes. Jonathan Levine 30:11 Rhoda Ephraim is a maize farmer from Gikangunda village in Kaduna state.

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Rhoda Ephraim 30:16 The increase Belize Email List in productivity has really helped my income. All five of my children are now in school. I could never imagine it before. But with the help of God, and Babban Gona, they are all in school. Jonathan Levine 30:32 Rhoda has been farming with Babban Gona since 2013. In the early years, she doubled the yield on her half-hectare plot, and then she doubled her land. But she says even the life-changing benefits from that extra farm income Belize Email List don’t compare to the return she makes from a small bodega she set up in her home two years ago, financed by Babban Gona. She sells palm oil, spaghetti, soap, and other hard-to-find items to neighbors and clears about 10,000 Nigerian Naira, or $24 a week. Rhoda Ephraim 31:05 The Belize Email List money is much more than I earn from farming.


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And it’s more reliable. With farming, I only know how much Belize Email List I get at the end of the year. But with this business, not a week goes by that I don’t make these sales. My life is much, much better than before. Jonathan Levine 31:23 Rhoda is one of about 18,000 women Babban Gona has financed over the last two years—with the goal of increasing female membership Belize Email List in the business. The company’s Women’s Economic Development Initiative trains them to run a retail trading business and then, like the farmers, stakes them with credit to get started. Lola Masha became Babban Gona’s Executive Director a few years ago, and she says the initiative’s goal is more than strictly financial gain. Lola Masha 31:51 Research has shown that when a woman makes Belize Email List extra income, she reinvests that income into the household—nutrition, health care, and education for the family.

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